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    What We Do

    Transforming identity management to become the center of your digital business strategy

    UnboundID helps enterprise customers transform traditional identity management into something dramatically more powerful. Traditional identity management was the center of the enterprise. Now identity and preference management has become the catalyst that accelerates your entire digital business strategy. UnboundID provides software solutions to make that transition not only possible, but seamless.

    We’ve developed a next-generation identity and preference management platform to modernize legacy Identity and Access Management (IAM) and enable new, customer-facing digital business strategies. It’s an enterprise-grade platform that provides a unified view of the customer around their user identity, leverages your existing customer data, and allows you to access customer attributes and preferences at web scale and in real time across all your apps and engagement channels. The benefits?

    • Provide a world-class customer experience.  Deliver a consistent, cohesive experience that follows customers across channels and devices. Provide web scale performance and a frictionless experience no matter how many apps and channels are involved.
    • Deliver real-time personalized products and services.  Combine customer profiles and preferences into a unified customer view so you can deliver highly personalized offers… in real time.
    • Drive revenue and conversion rates. Maximize your up-sell and cross-sell opportunities across engagement channels and applications, offer new permission-based offerings, and reduce registration friction.  
    • Gain customer trust with data security, governance, and transparency. Protect and manage sensitive data by enforcing data governance policies and end-user privacy directives. Secure data with encryption at all stages, create active alerts and robust logging for data access, and enforce best practices for separation of duties. All while maintaining web scale performance.

    Why UnboundID

    UnboundID has developed an identity and preference management platform uniquely suited to address the challenges found in large enterprises:

    • Deliver an actionable, single view of the customer. Pulling data together at scale can be challenging. We provide enterprise-grade data management capabilities and leverage existing customer profiles to unify, sync, and broker customer attributes into a real-time, actionable view.

    • Web-scale solution. Customer touch points and devices are growing fast. We have responded with a web scale solution. Our customer deployments support 100’s millions and up to a billion+ records delivered at millisecond response time. Your MDM, CRM, and marketing automation tools can’t come close to this.

    • Enterprise-grade governance and security controls. We take this topic very seriously. So do our satisfied customers, which are some of the largest and most demanding retailers, telcos, health insurers, and financial services companies in the world.

    • Designed specifically for customer identity and preference management. We’ve got the latest features for social login, multi-factor authentication, adaptive authentication, and more. We’ve helped our customers deliver an amazing array of cross-channel, highly personalized capabilities based on a unified view of their customers provided by our platform.

    • Data governance and transparency. We make responsible data management easy. This includes customer self-management for privacy and preference consent, and policy-based governance controls for data access and use.

    • Rock-solid product reliability and availability. Some customers say we’re bullet proof. We’ve got 100% customer reference-ability and 100% customer renewal rates.

    • We help future-proof your digital business strategy. Our software lets you decide where and how to store your data. We deploy on-prem, in the cloud, or in hybrid environments. We support modern apps and virtualized architectures. We’re a carrier-grade supported platform you won’t outgrow.

    How customers get started

    Many customers get started using UnboundID for a single customer-facing app or channel. They leverage a unified view of the customer for an initial use case and deploy it. From that starting point, there are many avenues to build upon success.


    "89% of companies plan to compete primarily on the basis of the customer experience by 2016."


    “Leaders in Customer Experience Delivery outperform the S&P by a factor of 2X, while laggards have negative returns of -34%.”


    “By 2018, 50% of IT/IAM teams will be responsible for both enterprise and consumer-facing initiatives, up from less than 20% today.”