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UnboundID Platform

Improve Customer Experience


The UnboundID Platform is a next-generation identity and preference management platform to modernize legacy Identity and Access Management (IAM) systems, and enable new customer-facing digital business initiatives. Enterprise customers use our platform to capture customer preferences, optimize customer experience across channels, reduce operational costs, and provide security and performance at web scale.


Identity-powered Digital Business Initiatives

Enterprises face many new challenges that legacy identity management systems, designed primarily to control access to internal applications are unable to address. They also need to address entirely new requirements for customer identity and preference management that legacy IAM was never designed to support. These organizations need to improve productivity and user experience for their workforce, including adoption of mobile and cloud based apps, and then extend those capabilities to partners and suppliers. The business is also demanding the delivery of customer identity and preference data at web scale and speed across engagement channels to deliver a consistent customer experience, real-time personalized offeres, and improved customer loyalty and trust.

Integrated Platform for Identity and Preference Management

The UnboundID Platform consists of multiple product modules that work together to address both workforce and customer identity management needs:

  • Data Store. A high performance, web scale solution to store identity and preference data securely, delivering throughput of 4000+ logins per second.
  • Data Sync. Bi-directionally synchronize massive volumes of data reliably and securely between disparate systems to create unified customer views and support systems of engagement.
  • Data Broker. Simplify and centralize governance and data access, allowing the delivery of identity and preference data through REST APIs leveraging powerful centralized policy controls exceeding 6000 policy requests per second.
  • Metrics Engine. Expose real-time operational metrics on identity data and platform components to ensure SLA, audit, and data access compliance.

The UnboundID Platform is designed to be modular so you are able to lay the foundation as required to solve your initial needs and then realize greater value over time as your business strategy evolves.

Key Platform Capabilities

  • End-to-End Security. In transit and at rest whether on premises or in your private cloud our platform protects the data with end-to-end encryption regardless of data location or movement protecting individual’s data from breach or misuse. Fine grained administration policy controls are also available to restrict access, privileges and types of operations performed against your corporate data.
  • Extreme Performance and High Availability. Our concurrent processing model and optimized JVM configuration, combined with data compression, data loaded into memory and various balancing and write throughput techniques enable our customers to easily scale from tens of thousands to hundreds of millions of users.
  • Policy-Based Data Governance. Integration flexibility is delivered via our rich APIs (RESTful/HTTP for all end points) enabling you to implement a fine grained policy structure for authorization and govern data access.
  • Complex Data Mapping. Your applications are able to communicate with multiple database attributes via simple and standard API calls.

UnboundID Platform Difference

UnboundID is the only platform that offers a fully integrated on-premise or cloud-based solution for web scale, high performance customer use cases. We provide a complete data management solution including centralized controls to enforce data governance and access as well as consumer facing profile and preference management. For more information on the UnboundID Platform, please contact us.

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Gartner recently reported that 89% of companies plan to compete primarily on the basis of the customer experience by 2016. 

“Companies that adhere to best practices for privacy in digital commerce by 2016 will gain 5% to 10% revenue over competitors who would rather ask for forgiveness than for permission.” – Gartner 

“UnboundID is quiet. We have a large scale continuous operation, and it just works.” – Global High Technology Customer.