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WEBINAR REPLAY Featuring NEW Forrester Research:
Identity and Access Management
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Merritt Maxim, Sr. Analyst, Forrester Research & Steve Shoaff, CEO, UnboundID


Customer Identity Management Cookbook: Top Application Features Customers Crave


Offering Customer Identity Management application features is critical to success in digital business. With so many options from social login, adaptive authentication, self-service accounts and privacy management, among others, how do you know which are priorities? What are the best practices to implement these capabilities and what are key design trade-offs to consider? View the on-demand Webinar to learn how to offer the CIM application features that will keep your customers coming back for more.

Navigating the Customer Data Privacy Minefield


Recent legal battles between the FBI and Apple, the revocation of US-EU Safe Harbor and new legislation such as GDPR and Privacy Shield are examples of how quickly the data privacy landscape is continuing to evolve. Companies can no longer depend on minimal resources to address data privacy issues. IT teams must make data privacy a strategic priority to protect their reputations and their ability to monetize customer data. In this on-demand webinar, UnboundID CEO Steve Shoaff and 451 Research Analyst Garrett Bekker discuss what it takes to balance privacy requirements and digital business initiatives.

IT Roadmap to Customer Identity Management 


Many organizations are embarking on Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) initiatives to improve customer engagement and grow revenue. Consequently, more IAM professionals are being tasked with evaluating and implementing CIAM solutions - solutions that are distinctly different from employee IAM according to analysts such as Gartner and Forrester. In this on-demand webinar, we translate analysts' top CIAM requirements into a roadmap for implementing a successful solution.


30 MINUTE WEBINAR: Delivering Identity Management Scale and Performance


In addition to handling traffic peaks, today's IAM solutions need to be optimized for cloud deployments while supporting modern protocols and security best practices. In this 30 minute on demand webinar, learn how to implement an identity and access management solution that delivers the scale and performance needed to handle demanding workforce and customer identity management use cases.

Power of Customer Preferences and Identity Management


Businesses striving to improve customer experience want to understand their customers' intentions and interests; however, inferred data gathered from analytics can be inaccurate. Explicit information collected from each customer is far more valuable and reliable. In this webinar, Forrester Principal Analyst, Fatemeh Khatibloo, shares the latest research into the tremendous power of Customer Preference Management.

Seizing the Data Crush Opportunity with Customer Identity Management


Digital customer engagement generates vast amounts of data, posing a challenge and an opportunity for businesses who want to deliver 1:1 customer experiences. In this on-demand webinar featuring guest speaker Chris Surdak, the award-winning author of Data Crush: How the Information Tidal Wave is Driving New Business Opportunity, you’ll learn how customer identity management has emerged as a key enabler for personalization and digital business success.

30 MINUTE WEBINAR:  Social Login Myths, Realities and What it Means for Customer Experience


Social login is growing in popularity among users, and businesses are recognizing it as a way to acquire new customers. But what are the risks for consumers and brands? What are the opportunities for improving customer experience? Watch this webinar replay co-hosted with The SCE Group in which we dispel the social login myths and share how to leverage social profile data in personalized customer experiences.                           


Consumer Identity & Access Management Market Overview


As consumers shift to digital engagement, businesses are seeking ways to secure customer data while still providing seamless, convenient customer experiences across channels and apps. The consumer identity and access management (CIAM) market segment is evolving to meet these simultaneous demands. In this webinar, Senior Analyst Merritt Maxim presents Forrester's recent research on the CIAM space joined by UnboundID VP of Channels and Alliances, Emeka Obianwu, and Ping Identity Customer Identity Market Leader, Christine Bevilacqua.

Successful Customer Experiences Are Identity-Centric


Brands are increasing digital efforts to engage with customers online and over mobile devices as customer experience is becoming the most important factor in competitive success. Customer identity data is the key enabler of great customer experiences. In this webinar, Sheryl Kingstone, Research Director from 451 Research and UnboundID CEO Steve Shoaff share how companies can implement identity-centric business models.

30 MINUTE WEBINAR: Building Identity APIs that Improve Business Agility and Security


As businesses quickly roll out new customer-facing apps to improve customer experience and facilitate multi-channel customer engagement, identity management capabilities are increasingly in demand throughout the organization. Identity APIs can help app developers meet the organization’s needs by streamlining development processes while enforcing security standards. Watch the webinar replay to learn how to create world class Identity APIs and the advantages they offer.


30 MINUTE WEBINAR: Modernize IAM with a Web Scale LDAP Directory Server


Legacy IAM systems simply weren’t built to handle the scale and complexity of managing identities for today's diverse of range of modern apps. In this webinar, learn how the right identity management platform can help you lower TCO, seamlessly migrate data and rapidly deploy new solutions. Discover how a modernized IAM solution can deliver world-class scale, performance and security.


The Customer Experience Battleground - Modernizing Identity Management to Win


Next generation identity management is moving beyond traditional identity access to address the growing demands of digital customer-facing engagement, a trend that is a creating a new battleground based on customer experience. The key to winning on this front is Customer Identity and Preference Management. View the webinar to learn valuable insights from Forrester analyst Andras Cser and UnboundID CEO Steve Shoaff.


Best of Both Worlds--Identity Security & Customer Experience


Steve Shoaff, UnboundID CEO and Bill Bonney, most recently Director, Information Security & Compliance at Intuit, Inc., share essential best practices in securing and leveraging data to improve customer experience.  


How To Modernize Identity Management and Improve Customer Experiences


Steve Shoaff, CEO of UnboundID and Lenny Blum, most recently VP of Collaboration & IAM at NBC Universal share best practices in leveraging today’s identity and preference management solutions for improving customer experience.


How Customers are Leveraging Identity Management for Seamless Consumer Experiences  


Eric Barnes, Application Development Manager at Wawa, Inc., a chain of more than 650 convenience retail stores, shares how Wawa is embracing a new consumer identity architecture to facilitate current and future multi-channel customer engagement initiatives.


Three Easy Ways to Avoid Consumer Identity Breach


As data breaches continue to dominate headlines, organizations are increasing their focus on identity data security. In this on-demand session, you’ll learn three easy ways to avoid a consumer identity breach. Discover why your consumer identity data is both an asset and a liability. You’ll also gain insight into new perspectives on modern consumer identity management to help you implement a data security program that protects your customers’ valuable data.


DSEE is Dead—Now What?


Oracle’s support for DSEE is coming to an end making this the perfect time to move to a modernized platform. Watch this on-demand session to learn how easy it can be. You only have cost-efficiency and better performance to gain!