Synchronizes identity data bi-directionally from multiple sources, allowing for real-time access to distributed data

Identity Data Sync

Businesses contend with rapidly increasing identity data demands driven by new applications and services. Identity data lives in multiple silos, including directories, databases and cloud data stores. Identity data must be shared, making data synchronization crucial to growth management.

UnboundID Identity Data Sync


Seamless integration and migration – Unifies data from directory servers, Active Directory, common RDBMS systems, and cloud-based data stores for real-time access from any application

Actionable updates – Provides dynamic updates to applications, triggering a real time response, based on changes at the data layer

Reduced risk – Ensures that only specified data, as defined by regulations, is moved across geographic boundaries to alleviate compliance concerns


Bi-directional synchronization – Provides real-time or scheduled bi-directional synchronization with complete, independent control over the movement of data in both directions

Advanced data transformations and filtering – Supports complete control over the mapping and transformation of synchronized data. Provides multiple options for filtering or reducing the amount of data synchronized between data stores.

Change notifications – Sends notification messages to third-party applications based on changes made to monitored data. Complies with 3GPP UDC Notifications specification and provides a standards-based method for integrating identity data with other applications.