August 2011


CIOs – How to Avoid Getting Dropkicked by Dropbox

Most of us have heard of Dropbox by now, whether it was through our own use of the popular cloud storage service, or the recent password fiasco that allowed users to log into any Dropbox account with any password for four hours. Like it or not, this Dropbox breach is just one example of the many so-called consumerization of IT issues facing modern CIOs. How do you know if your employees are using Dropbox or a service like it? How do you prevent its use? How do you ensure your customers' data is protected in any situation? And most importantly, how do you avoid being dropkicked in the face with an embarrassing customer data breach when you least expect it?

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More Customers, More Operations, More Data, More Demand:
All the More Reason You Need Performance-at-Scale in your
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Building a Cloud-Ready, Future-Proof Identity Architecture

As a marketing person, I spend a lot of time watching what's going on in the high-tech marketplace. It never stops being interesting to me – I love to see how different companies use cutting-edge technology to solve issues that we may not even know we have. In some of our recent blog posts we've been talking about a lot of the up-and-coming tech companies and the challenges they've faced, such as Dropbox or Google or Epsilon. All of these companies are hurtling into their respective markets, guns blazing, and they're coming up against serious issues of security, or scale, or the right kinds of access.

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Unveiling UnboundID Labs

Our customers are full of smart, thorough people, who demand highly detailed information and results. They're looking for performance, and they're looking for scalability, and we're geared toward providing that level of service for them. In house, our developers are bright folks who want to ship high-quality, thoroughly vetted products. That means that of all the products we've got on the drawing board, only the very best make it through to be marketable products.

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Top 5 Favorite Tweets from Gartner Catalyst 2011

The UnboundID marketing and product management teams spent last week beating the brutal Texas heat in beautiful San Diego at the Gartner Catalyst Conference. Between reuniting with former Sun folks and hanging out with our identerati brethren (and relishing the strange ability to be in the sun and not sweat), we attended quite a few sessions and took copious notes. Er…well, we tweeted a lot, anyway. So, instead of the usual recap of the event, we thought we'd offer a roundup of our favorite tweets from Catalyst 2011 with our key takeaways for those not able to attend.

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UnboundID Named a Gartner Cool Vendor

Gartner released their "Cool Vendors in Identity and Access Management" report in April, and UnboundID was named as one of the startups and niche players that continue to drive much of the innovation in the Identity and Access Management market.

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The UnboundID SCIM SDK

This free SDK helps developers make the delivery of critical customer and identity data between cloud, mobile and on-premise applications more efficient and secure.

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