July 2011

Who's Playing Mother Hen to your Customer Data?

With the frequency and scope of recent security breaches resulting in fraud, it's obvious that keeping customer data private is even more important than ever. Perhaps the worst is yet to come, since many systems connected to the Internet that are leveraging customer data are not equipped to withstand a daily onslaught of attacks. Everyone, and every system, is at risk.

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Learn More »UnboundID was named by Gartner as one of the
"Cool Vendors in Identity and Access Management, 2011"

UnboundID Helping Cloud Providers with Identity Management

Recently, UnboundID was named a 2011 "Cool Vendor in Identity and Access Management" by Gartner. As UnboundID continues to work in the market, it's watching how cloud trends change, particularly as SaaS becomes more widely adopted and as cloud technology becomes less of a fad and more of a trend.

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Failure is Not an Option

If LDAP is a critical part of your infrastructure, then you should make sure that your directory service is as rock-solid as possible. But it's also very important to ensure that applications using the directory can handle the unexpected. Find out how the UnboundID LDAP SDK for Java can help you write directory-enabled applications that are resilient and can help isolate your users from problems that might arise in the backend, with features like client-side load balancing and failover.

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SCIM – Managing Identity in the Cloud

Simple Cloud Identity Management (SCIM) is a concept that started in 2010 with discussions around Cloud LDAP and standardization. Today, SCIM is an open initiative that is focused on simplifying and standardizing the movement of data to and from the cloud. Who's involved? What are they doing? Why does it matter?

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Upcoming Events

Cloud Identity Summit - July 18th - July 21st
Keystone, Colorado

Gartner Catalyst Conference - July 26th - July 29th
San Diego, California

VMWorld 2011 - August 29th - September 1st
The Venetian, Las Vegas

Fierce Telecom Webinar - Cloud Services

UnboundID Named a Gartner Cool Vendor

Gartner released their "Cool Vendors in Identity and Access Management" report in April, and UnboundID was named as one of the startups and niche players that continue to drive much of the innovation in the Identity and Access Management market.

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Subscriber Data-The Carrier's Crown Jewel

Building a Cloud-Ready, Future-Proof Identity Infrastructure: Three Keys to Success

A new approach to identity management, including the right directory services solution, can help your IT organization put the full power of social networking and cloud computing technologies to work for you.

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