Case Studies

Financial Services

Financial services providers need an identity data platform with the flexibility and scalability to efficiently access customer data information from a broad range of traditionally siloed sources of customer data, to share that data across business units and with trusted third-party collaborators, securely and in compliance with stringent industry regulations.

Tier-1 Financial Services Provider – Beyond A Legacy Mainframe for Identity

In order to pursue new markets, a large United States-based financial services company needed IT flexibility and scalability to develop, deploy and support new services and applications, and to securely share and manage customer data on a large scale. To meet these needs, they would have to replace an aging mainframe-based identity data infrastructure. Download Now

Tier-1 Financial Services Provider – Updating Legacy Identity Infrastructure

A top commercial bank in the United States needed an identity data platform that would allow it both to offer more online banking services and to extend its offerings across multiple business groups as part of a planned expansion. Download Now

Fortune 500 Investment Bank – Temporary Access Provisioning

A Fortune 500 U.S. retail and investment bank experienced data availability issues with their temporary access provisioning system. Data integrity and replication latency were paramount to the application's operation, and they determined that a directory services based approach would be the best solution.


Transforming the Customer Experience with Multi-Channel Identity

A top retailer had customer identity spread across the organization, preventing unified guest communications and constraining their global commerce authorization scalability. To achieve revenue growth plans and succeed in an intensely competitive market, they needed to embrace customer experience innovation. With soiled customer data applications, this retailer found integrating the shopping experience extremely challenging.

High Tech

Cloud service providers typically have customer identity data spread across multiple repositories and silos. This model creates dissatisfied customers who must log on multiple times to access different applications, or to re-enter preferences from application to application. Cloud service providers must take a customer-centric approach to identity management, sharing and reusing identity data for authentication, authorization, and profile management across applications and computing instances.

Leading Cloud Service Provider – Collaboration Services

A leading cloud service provider wanted to create a unified customer experience with a common view of identity data to efficiently bundle SaaS collaboration products. The service provider needed a way to tie identity data together from disparate internal systems. Download Now

Large SaaS Provider – Identity as a Shared Service

A financial service provider with over 100 million users had multiple consumer-facing and small business applications all acting separately. The company needed a way to view all customers of all applications holistically, versus only seeing them on a per-application basis, for better service and cross-sell/up-sell. Download Now

Fortune 100 Aerospace Company ‐ Oracle (Sun) Directory Migration

A large aerospace company had over 20 servers spread across three data centers to reduce the risk of downtime. Concerns about the costs of migration and poor support response time, they were seeking a solution for seamless migration and a next-generation infrastructure that could support their business for the next ten years and beyond. Download Now

United States Government – Oracle (Sun) Directory Migration

A key United States government department was facing ongoing server outages and instability. With millions of users across multiple divisions, they required reliable and secure transactions, but service outages impacted day-to-day operations and forced periodic restarts. The outages also affected customer support, resulting in slow response times and an inability to resolve critical issues.

Telecom & Cable

Tier-1 Telecom Provider – Migration to a Unified Subscriber Data Platform

A leading telecommunications provider was struggling to support a growing subscriber base with their existing data solution. They needed a unified architecture that could serve as the single source for subscriber data and would comply with 3GPP user data convergence (UDC) specifications. Download Now

Tier-1 Telecom Provider – Support for More Subscribers, More Transactions

With over 100 million subscribers and two billion daily messaging and phone activation transactions, a top telecommunications provider faced urgent scalability and performance challenges across its messaging infrastructure. The company risked an inability to meet customer-required response times and was dealing with high management costs associated with the proliferation of multiple SDM technologies.

Large European Cable Provider – Targeted Promotions

A large cable provider in the Netherlands wanted to present real-time, targeted advertising to subscribers via set-top boxes, and needed unified customer profile data to deliver the right ads to the right audience. Data was distributed across various provider systems, including their CRM system, data mart, and billing applications, and needed unification. Download Now

Unlocking value with a next-generation SDM solution

Telecom and cable providers are in a race with each other and against over-the-top providers to deliver compelling voice, data, and video services. The winners and losers in this race will hinge on the execution of three critical business priorities, as this case study demonstrates. Download Now

Tier-1 Wireless Carrier – Delivering Subscriber Data in Real-time

A tier-1 telecommunications provider needed to ensure that key applications were updated frequently with dynamic data such as mobile device details, number of minutes, customer location, etc. Data needed to be accessible at high speeds for immediate availability.

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