Are You Asking the Right Data Access Questions?

Posted by Ishan Kumar on 7/29/16 9:30 AM

Traditionally, Identity and Access Management (IAM) was focused on allowing or denying access to data storage systems, but today, protecting identity data is far more complex. The growing digital ecosystem and increasing cyber risks mean that organizations are faced with securing data across multiple channels and apps against a varying range of threats. With so many potential vulnerability points, not every app or person should have access to all of the data in a profile, particularly highly sensitive and valuable Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

In this multichannel, multi-threat environment, answering the question, "Who can access the data?" isn't going to provide adequate defenses. The more effective question is, "What data can each app, service or business function access?"

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Why You'll Regret DIY Customer Identity Management

Posted by Keri LeBlanc on 7/14/16 9:00 AM

Digital business is rapidly changing identity management. In the past, organizations only had to focus on managing workforce identities. Today this scope has expanded to managing millions of customer identities in support of new mobile apps and digital services—and the requirements are entirely different. From extreme scale fluctuations (like holiday sales spikes) to complex data security and privacy policies, customer identity management demands more capabilities.

It can be tempting to opt for a homegrown solution when evaluating customer data management solutions. A do-it-yourself identity management solution built with a NoSQL database is attractive. These big data systems can be simple to deploy and they are often cheap, or even free. Developers, in particular, are drawn to them because NoSQL is schema-less, it’s easy to write apps in this environment, and these databases can be deployed in the cloud. Plus, they offer infinite scalability. What’s not to love?

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Secrets to a Non-Disruptive Identity Management Solution Implementation

Posted by Michael Tarbet on 7/7/16 7:00 AM

The accelerating pace of digital business is spurring heightened demands for customer identity data. New apps, devices and channels need customer information to deliver innovative services and better customer experiences. And they need much more than user names and passwords. They require security controls, rich engagement history information, privacy policies and customer preference data.

Outdated workforce Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions, typically implemented in the 1990s, weren’t built to manage and deliver customer identity data at the scale and complexity of today's digital business. Many companies are faced with updating and upgrading their identity management technology to keep up with modern demands. But business needs to keep moving; you can’t afford a lapse in identity services while you get your new solution up and running.

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Fast Time to Market: Meeting Demand for Identity Data

Posted by Ishan Kumar on 7/1/16 11:29 AM

From mobile apps to the Internet of Things, digital business trends are reshaping customer identities in significant ways. Identities are no longer only usernames and passwords. They now encompass information collected from and about experiences, such as purchase histories, geo-location information, browsing patterns and a myriad of other data points. In addition to this experience data, customer identities also consist of security profiles. 

As the definition of identities expands and grows more complex, IT teams are under increasing pressure to rapidly provide identity data to more apps and services. You no longer have months to plan your data model and go through test cycles. You have to iterate quickly, but you still need to protect the data from breaches or misuse. 

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Your Firewall Is Not Enough

Posted by Bjorn Aannestad on 6/24/16 9:00 AM

A question that comes up frequently in regards to customer data, particularly Personally Identifiable Information (PII), is whether or not data should be encrypted when there is a strong firewall in place. The answer in nearly all cases is “yes.” End-to-end data encryption, when it is in the data store, when it is in transit and when it arrives at its end-use point, provides protection from insider attacks. What’s more, it offers a second defense layer. If someone does get through the firewall, the data is still protected.

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VLOG: 2016 Cloud Identity Summit Showcased Innovation

Posted by Steve Shoaff on 6/17/16 9:30 AM

Once again the Cloud Identity Summit (CIS) hosted by Ping Identity did not disappoint. The 2016 event held in New Orleans, Louisiana featured more speakers and content than previous years. The growing attendee and vendor list is a strong indicator of how the identity industry is quickly evolving in scope and size.

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Identity Is the Foundation of the Experience Age

Posted by Steve Shoaff on 5/19/16 11:10 AM

A recent Tech Crunch article made the assertion that the Information Age is waning while the Experience Age is on the rise. We're stepping out from behind the computer where we shared and gathered information into a world of connected devices that enhance every experience. What's more, all indicators point to this trend only growing in the future. According to Tech Crunch, as network speeds increase and IoT devices and sensors become more prolific, more companies will engage with customers through experiences, not information.

We agree that there is a fundamental shift from information-based engagement to environmental and experience-driven interaction, but information will still remain an important part of acquiring and retaining customers. Information is not only growing, but access is becoming easier. Instead of replacing information-based interactions, experience provides another dimension of customer engagement. 

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Do You Have What It Takes to Become an Identity Provider?

Posted by Derick Townsend on 4/14/16 12:23 PM

While we typically think of major players in the social media world serving as identity providers (IDPs), such as Facebook and LinkedIn, companies in other industries are recognizing the opportunity. A growing number of businesses see the strategic value their customer identity data brings to their digital business initiatives. Organizations are realizing that one of the many ways they can leverage this data is by becoming an IDP.

Yet, becoming an IDP is not for everyone. There are some essential elements that must be in place to make monetizing identity data a successful revenue model.

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Explosive IoT Growth Expands Scope of Identity Management

Posted by Derick Townsend on 4/8/16 9:30 AM

More and more, Identity and Access Management (IAM) professionals are being pulled into projects that go beyond their traditional purview of workforce identity management. Their scope of influence and responsibility is expanding into customer-facing strategic business initiatives as new technologies transform the edge of the enterprise. In addition to Customer Identity Management projects that support digital consumer engagement, a major trend demanding increased IAM involvement is the Internet of Things (IoT).

To say that IoT is growing fast is an understatement. Gartner says that the number of IoT devices has increased by as much as 30 percent since last year, and their 2016 prediction that stated 5.5 million new things will be connected to the Internet each day is now reality.

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Obama's SXSW Apple, FBI Remarks Fuel Privacy Debate

Posted by Derick Townsend on 3/16/16 1:06 PM

During a keynote speech at the 2016 SXSW Interactive Festival, President Barack Obama addressed some of the hot issues currently facing the technology community, including the debate over data privacy. Obama briefly touched on the Apple vs. FBI case in which the FBI wants Apple to create an iOS that will enable access to encrypted, password-protected data from the terrorists behind the San Bernardino shooting last year. Obama argued that in certain cases, there should be concessions around granting government access to data, or in a sense, he says, “…everybody is walking around with a Swiss bank account in their pocket.”

While these are only sound bites that don’t include the full context and balance of Obama’s remarks, these excerpts are indicative of how politicized this issue has become. Particularly in an election year, this subject has become polarizing, and that presents risks for a decision with so much at stake.

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