How to Leverage Customer Data Into Compelling Customer Engagement

Posted by Bjorn Aannestad on 12/4/15 11:00 AM

Customer engagement is a new competitive differentiator, and the key to making sure each and every customer interaction is compelling and individualized is customer data. Yet, simply collecting data from your customers will not go very far in improving customer experience. The way to transform data into a powerful engagement tool begins with aggregating identity-centric customer data into a comprehensive profile.

A customer profile consisting of data from different data sources unified into a single view of the customer is crucial to being able to provide personalized experiences. It not only offers insight into a customer's buying patterns, it allows you to capture and enforce preference data, privacy choices and security policies with every interaction. 

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Three Social Login Myths Dispelled

Posted by Michael Tarbet on 9/15/15 10:00 AM

By using existing social media credentials to register and login, customers gain convenient access to new online accounts, making it an increasingly popular choice, and social login is good for businesses too. Companies that offer social login experience higher conversion rates and lower page abandonment rates than organizations that don’t offer it.

As powerful as these benefits are, they are only the tip of the iceberg in the customer experience story. Less apparent but perhaps more significant to improving customer interactions are the many capabilities that exist below the iceberg’s waterline.

Working with your customer identity management (CIM) system, social login can facilitate identity-centric, personalized consumer engagement to drive higher revenue and increase customer loyalty. Social login combined with CIM provides marketing and business leaders with a unified view of customers across data silos. Plus it enables companies to deliver personalized offers and consistent experiences at every channel and customer touchpoint. It can also enable customers to specify their privacy and communications preferences, invaluable information to use in one-to-one customer engagement.

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Social Login Offers Advantages Beyond Simplifying Account Access

Posted by Bjorn Aannestad on 9/4/15 10:33 AM

Navigating the Internet today involves a maze of multiple accounts, registration forms and password fields. To help protect customer data and to deliver personalized services and experiences, most businesses require user accounts. As a customer, keeping track of usernames and passwords can be a nightmare, but it’s a necessary byproduct of reaping the benefits of the digital world. 

Many of us avoid remembering different credentials by simply using the same username and password every time we register for a new account. A survey by Password Boss found that 59 percent of people reuse the same password—a huge security “don’t.” A hacker can easily gain access to your password in one lightly guarded account and use it to gain access to a more valuable, highly protected account, such as your bank or healthcare services.

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