New Era of Data Threats and Opportunities Escalates Security Needs

Posted by Dave Malcolm on 6/9/16 9:48 AM

Mark Kuharich has been a software developer since 1996. He has worked as a senior developer at Premera Blue Cross, Starbucks and Microsoft. Currently he works as a mobile architect at Byndl.

Kuharich: When I came to work here, I found it interesting that we were going to provide a mobile story for this industry because vending is not known for being cutting edge. It’s a low-margin sector. Mobile is totally new for them. For people who live on their phones though, it’s a no brainer to buy a vending meal from an app. The customer is a micro-market service and the purchases are usually $10 or less, which might surprise people, but it’s a perfect fit for mobile pay.

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How Gamification Improves Customer Engagement

Posted by Dave Malcolm on 5/26/16 7:30 AM

Eric Singleton is Founder and CEO of the technology strategy firm, Eric Singleton & Associates. He is the former CIO of Tommy Hilfiger, Chico's FAS, the architect of Raytheon Company's original eCommerce presence, and held senior executive positions at Honeywell Aerospace and Honeywell Automotive.

UnboundID: In terms of digital marketing trends, what is most interesting right now, and what should be on the radar of every major consumer brand?

Singleton: At our firm, we are spending a lot of time on gamification. This involves marketers creating content where end users will self-identify, and then through a series of questions, roll into a gamification mode which can be very fun and engaging. Our conclusion is that there is a maturity level being reached by this next wave of consumers who are less patient and less committed to navigating search tools and weeding through the results to find what they are looking for. The old Boolean search mode is wearing thin. The human mind has its limits and people will drop off quickly after viewing the first 30 results. Gamification changes things by delivering a brief but engaging experience which is hyper-relevant for what someone is seeking.

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As Mobile Dominates, Identity Management Faces New Demands

Posted by Caroline Castrillon on 4/7/16 9:30 AM

The recently published results of the Demandware Shopping Index report proves that more customers are interacting with businesses through their mobile devices. While the shift to mobile has been happening for some time, businesses saw a dramatic 37 percent increase in mobile phone orders in 2015. 

Increasingly, customers encounter a brand for the first time via their mobile phone instead of in-person or on websites. The trend is driving significant change in how businesses engage with customers. It is placing intense pressure on brands to launch new mobile apps, or upgrade existing ones, to deliver personalized, in-the-moment shopping experiences that today’s customers expect as the norm.

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Pervasive Ad Blocking Drives Need for Personalized Customer Experience

Posted by Dave Malcolm on 3/11/16 8:30 AM

In the past three months, mobile ad blocking app installs grew by 3X. It’s an alarming statistic for publishers and advertisers. They recognize that ad blocking’s increasing popularity has the potential to be a disruptive force for their business models that rely on reaching large audiences to drive revenue. 

The debate between ad blocker companies and the advertising and publishing industries is only just beginning, and it’s heated. At the Mobile World Congress last month, a conference session turned into a contentious battle between ad blocker startup, Shine, CEO Roi Carthy and advertising executives, including Benjamin Faes, managing director of media and platforms at Google. Shine’s technology enables network-level ad blocking, and it has already signed several major telecommunications companies in Europe.

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Countdown of the Top 4 Spookiest Identity Management Challenges

Posted by Keri LeBlanc on 10/30/15 9:30 AM

It’s that time of year when we focus our attention on what terrifies us. Even for the bravest among us who don’t flinch easily during horror flicks or jump at the sight of fake blood in the neighborhood haunted house, there are real-life business scenarios that quicken our pulse and keep us up at night.

IT and business executives are faced with the rapid pace of digital growth, creating a fear-inducing environment of change and uncertainty. As the market landscape shifts, many companies are striving to excel in the digital realm by enabling their workforce with innovative tools and by delivering inspiring customer experiences, two initiatives that depend on identity data. As change brings its share of headaches and panic-stricken moments, there are 4 scenarios that rise to the top of the nightmares plaguing IT and business professionals involved with identity data management.

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Could the Apple iOS 9 Ad Blocking Feature Mean the End of the Free Web?

Posted by Steve Shoaff on 9/24/15 10:00 AM

In this video, UnboundID CEO Steve Shoaff and VP of Marketing Derick Townsend talk about the implications of ad blocking on businesses that depend on ads and analytics for revenue.

Apple’s newly released iOS 9 update includes a mobile website ad blocking feature that has many companies worrying about the impact it will have on their ad-based revenue models. Even after only a few days, these ad blocking apps are at the top of the “Most Downloaded” lists. It’s a phenomenon that indicates aggressive online and mobile advertising has resulted in pent up frustration among consumers.

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Identity Management Scalability and APIs Support Explosive Mobile App Growth

Posted by Ishan Kumar on 6/26/15 9:48 AM

In the age of digital disruption, the new battleground for market leadership has shifted from price and product quality to customer experience. To deliver the convenient, high value experiences that customers have come to expect, businesses must consistently innovate and be able to roll out new services and apps quickly. 

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are a key part of helping companies shorten time-to-market and meet increasing demands for more apps across the entire organization. By providing ready access to reusable services that embed key standards and best practices, APIs allow developers to quickly build apps without recreating code again and again. And in the case of customer-facing apps, identity data is the key enabler behind that app’s functionality. As a result, incorporating identity management services is crucial to customer-facing app development.

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Jeff Bullas: Mobile Trends Driving Marketing Strategy, Personalization

Posted by Keri LeBlanc on 6/17/15 10:30 AM

Jeff Bullas is a blogger, author and speaker who works with companies and executives on digital and social media marketing strategies.

UnboundID: Describe the trend of push to pull marketing and why it’s important now?

Bullas: Pull marketing is also known as inbound or content marketing. It's about attracting attention and engagement with your potential customers. The reason it's important is because the social web has changed the way we engage with brands and how we buy from them. Sixty percent of the buying journey is done through online research before the customer picks up the phone or even sends an email. That is why educating and engaging with content has become so important. But to be more responsive to customers requires a shift at the top. And this is a generational shift. Unless the CEO gets it, it’s really hard to turn the ship. Beyond leadership, companies must use all the tools at their disposal such as marketing automation, which should help deliver the right message at the right time. Personalized marketing is just now starting to become a reality and companies are grappling with the challenges of adapting to mobile.

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5 Tips for Launching Mobile Apps as Google Ramps Up Mobile Significance

Posted by Keri LeBlanc on 4/24/15 10:20 AM

We’re consuming more and more data on the go; and Google has noticed. The company has launched a new algorithm that places mobile friendly sites at the top of search results, increasing the pressure on organizations who have not yet updated their websites for mobile readiness to quickly adjust or rapidly fall behind. 

Google’s decision aligns with a trend that has already been elevating the importance of mobile in businesses’ customer experience strategy. According to Flurry Analytics, people spend more than 162 minutes per day on mobile devices. But the shift goes deeper than a move from personal computers to mobile. More specifically, people are choosing mobile apps over web browsers, spending 82 percent of their mobile time on apps versus only 18 percent on browsers.

This change in digital behavior is driving more businesses to look to mobile apps as a significant way to improve customer experience. Sixty-four percent of large brands have created mobile apps and 47 percent report that apps are now mandatory for some functions. These mobile app implementations have been a powerful force in helping brands establish and maintain market leadership. Designed correctly, they can enhance customer experience by highly personalizing interactions, such as pre-ordering and pre-paying for a meal so it is waiting when the customer arrives at a restaurant, offering tailored discounts for customers whose GPS indicates they are near a store, or convenient mobile bank deposits.

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Apple Watch Puts Data Security Onus on Mobile Apps

Posted by Keri LeBlanc on 4/17/15 8:46 AM

Beyond the Apple Watch’s price tag and design choices, security and privacy concerns are already part of the buzz. Apple is describing the watch as their most personal product ever made, breaking new ground in the relationship that people have with technology. It’s the first Apple device designed to be worn, a fusion of technology and fashion we haven’t seen before now. Tim Cook, Apple CEO, shared that its list of features is a mile long, including fitness tracking, fast payments and even remotely opening doors as part of Starwood Hotel's customer experience strategy.

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