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Taking the Sting Out of Disruptive Technology

Posted by Keri LeBlanc on 3/26/15 8:30 AM

The digital world is changing quickly and technology disruptors are now expected in almost every industry. As customers expect more online interactions with businesses, identity management is at the crosshairs of several industries experiencing disruptive shifts. From retail to financial services and entertainment, being able to manage a growing number of identities is a key business requirement—and legacy identity management systems aren’t equipped to keep up with the demands. Consequently, many identity management practitioners are facing the need to modernize to an updated platform.

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How to Get Customers to Share With You

Posted by Keri LeBlanc on 3/24/15 11:54 AM

The Internet of Things, mobile apps, social media, and the proliferation of multiple devices—all of the digital business trends that are rapidly changing consumer and business behavior—share one common denominator. Customer identity data is the foundation and the hub that enables connectivity for each of these trends, and not just user name and password data. They require mountains of highly personalized data willingly shared by consumers.

Sharing With Strings Attached

The rise of the digital connectivity has already caused a significant shift in consumer attitudes about their identity data. As people are becoming increasingly digitally savvy, they are willing to share more personal information, but with caveats. When they do share, they expect something in return and, more importantly; consumers want more control over their information. According to Accenture's Personalization Survey88% of consumers want to determine how their data can be used and 84% want to review and correct information. 

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Topics: preference and privacy management

3 Ways to Prevent the Fall of Privacy in the Rise of IoT

Posted by Steve Shoaff, UnboundID CEO on 3/20/15 10:20 AM

The rate of technological change seems to keep getting faster. A lot of cool technologies have changed how we live our daily lives, but all of this pales in comparison to what we can expect to see moving forward. One example is the Internet of Things, which will add always-on, participatory connectivity to a wide range of distributed devices that can change life as we know it

IoT is about gadgets and devices that interface with all aspects of our lives—in our homes, our cars and our offices. These devices will be used to improve customer experience, make our daily lives more productive, and improve our overall quality of life. This level of individual connectivity makes the IoT world extremely personal. At the center of it all, our identities form the connective tissue that makes IoT possible, and this leads to a privacy challenge.

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Topics: Internet of Things, privacy

Who's In Control? Giving Customers a Voice in Data Privacy

Posted by Keri LeBlanc on 3/18/15 11:33 AM

Rebecca Herold, a privacy and security expert, is CEO of The Privacy Professor®, and Partner, SIMBUS Privacy & Security Services, with more than 25 years of experience in the field.  She is also an author and Adjunct Professor for the Norwich University Master of Science in Information Assurance Program. She has led the NIST Smart Grid privacy group since June 2009 and currently specializes in helping clients in healthcare and energy sectors. 

UID: How much demand is coming from mainstream consumers to set their own privacy preferences with companies they do business with, and what are the challenges?

Rebecca: I am seeing growing concern from the general public around privacy, yet a lot of executives tell me that they are not going to do anything special unless they are legally required to do so. Consumers though are getting tired of getting all these notices in the mail about their credit cards being compromised or of a possible breach of their data elsewhere, such as in hospitals or insurance companies. People want better protection and they have a justifiably growing suspicion about how companies are using their data. There’s also not a lot of innovation yet in how consumers can effectively control their information.

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Topics: consumer choice, privacy of customer data

Omnichannel Marketing: Will the Real Customer Please Stand Up?

Posted by Keri LeBlanc on 3/13/15 8:45 AM

As marketers in the digital era, we have opportunities to engage with customers in ways we’ve never been able to before. Mobile apps, social media and online channels all provide avenues to reach customers where they are, physically and emotionally, often influencing them at the moment of decision. And as today’s technology gives us the ability to understand buying patterns, we can offer products and services that best serve our customers, strengthen brand affinity, and increase sales. What could possibly go wrong?

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Topics: omnichannel, single customer view

Top 3 Reasons to Modernize Legacy Identity Management Platforms

Posted by Guest Author, Lenny Blum, Identity & Access Management Expert formerly with NBCUniversal where he was an UnboundID customer on 3/12/15 9:30 AM

Not much time passes before predictions become current trends. The rise of digital business, which, not too long ago was a prediction, is currently gaining more headway across industries and markets. According to analyst firm Gartner, we can expect digital business to disrupt IT as it redefines the power of the consumer. And it will redraw the lines of competition across multiple industries.1

As technology professionals, it almost goes without saying that we need to be adaptable—and we need to adapt fast.

One IT area of focus where digital business is already having a tremendous impact is identity management. As our businesses move to omnichannel models with more customer-facing functionality across online and mobile channels, many of us are tasked with shifting the purpose of our identity management infrastructures from only managing employees to managing customer identities.

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Topics: identity and access management, Modernization

Video: 3 Revenue-Generating Traits of Customer Identity Management

Posted by Keri LeBlanc on 3/10/15 10:15 AM

Managing identity data used to be a cost drain and a liability for businesses. In the past, particularly before the digital omnichannel era, identity management’s sole purpose was to manage employee, partner and contactor data. Enterprise Identity and Access Management (EIAM) systems of the past were designed to manage a finite number of employee identities. Employees needed some authentication capabilities to access company data, systems and benefits. Data administrators needed to be able to provision and de-provision records as people joined the company or left, and information could only be secured en masse, as a single block of data. Managing data was not tied to revenue; it was part of the cost of doing business.

But today, things are different.

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Topics: Gartner, Consumer Identity and Access Management

Infographic: Reduce Breach Liability

Posted by Keri LeBlanc on 3/5/15 10:27 AM

Customer identity data is a highly valuable asset not only to you as a business, but also to criminals intent on exploiting the data for personal gain. Thieves can make an estimated $50 million from just one data breach, and brands have lost as much as $125 million in breach associated costs*.

At the same time that organizations need to secure data more aggressively than ever before, brands are looking for more ways to deliver personalized experiences by collecting more customer data over an increasing number of cloud, mobile and social applications. It is creating the perfect storm leaving many to fear that the situation could grow worse, not better.

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Topics: data breach

Lessons Learned Building & Deploying a Mobile App

Posted by Keri LeBlanc on 3/3/15 10:00 AM

The average amount of time people spend on mobile devices has risen to 162 minutes each day*. As this number increases, companies are embracing the opportunity to offer their customers mobile apps that deliver a new level of convenience, from finding directions to making purchases and earning loyalty rewards—all at their fingertips no matter where they are.

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Topics: mobile payment, mobile apps, identity and preference management

Seamless Customer Experiences Inspire Loyalty

Posted by Keri LeBlanc on 2/27/15 10:00 AM

While we have more opportunities than ever before to reach customers and deliver great customer experiences over a growing number of channels and devices, we also have more opportunities to get it wrong. Disjointed interactions caused by disparate customer engagement systems and siloed data can leave your customers feeling frustrated enough to turn to a competitor. And in today’s social media world, the damage doesn’t stop with just one customer. They can share their annoyance with their family and friends with just a quick Tweet or Facebook post resulting in more customers for your competitor—and less for you.

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Topics: customer experience, unified view of the customer

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