From Access to Customer Engagement: The Evolution of Identity Management

Posted by Chris Surdak on 10/19/15 12:22 PM

In the hyper-interconnected, instant-gratification, appified world that we all live in, it’s more important than ever for organizations to be able to engage deeply with their customers. In the past organizations maintained identity management systems that were primarily systems of access. They ensured that users were who they said they were, and allowed them appropriate access to appropriate systems. These solutions were adequate for most organizations through the ages of the mainframe, client server and the early days of the Internet.

In the late Internet and then social/mobile era, these systems of access are rapidly being replaced by systems of engagement; where the entire experience delivered to users is generated dynamically. We now expect organizations that serve us to know us intimately, to understand our wants, needs and desires, and to deliver to us exactly what we want, exactly when we want it. Indeed, we’re now starting to expect our needs to be met predictively, before we even know that we have them. And, once one organization starts to deliver what we want in this manner, we’re ruined for anything less.

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Making the Most of Customer Data to Improve Customer Experience

Posted by Michael Tarbet on 10/16/15 10:46 AM

The digital world of mobile apps, the web and social media is generating vast amounts of customer data at a rate organizations have never encountered before. Termed the "Data Crush" by data industry expert Chris Surdak, this phenomenon is fundamentally changing the relationship between customers and businesses.

Customers realize that with every mouse click and screen tap, companies can collect their information, but they expect businesses to use it to treat them as individuals, with a personalized experience. Companies that think of customers as mass audiences are missing out on opportunities to not only grow revenue, but to expand their brand with innovative products and services precisely aligned to customer needs and wants. As digital interactions become increasingly entrenched in consumer behavior, the brands that don't provide meaningful, personalized engagement will fall further behind.

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The CIO's Changing Relationship with Customers

Posted by Dave Malcolm on 10/14/15 10:00 AM

Martha Heller is President of Heller Search Associates, an IT executive recruiting firm specializing in CIO, CTO and senior technology roles across all industries, and author of the book, The CIO Paradox: Battling the Contradictions of IT Leadership

UnboundID: Recently, you wrote about IT consumers and how CIOs need to convert them into investment partners. How should a CIO view the IT consumer versus the external consumer?

Heller: First let me set the stage a little bit. Back in the ‘70s, IT was a mainframe.No one really cared about it and only a couple of people had a key to the room where the mainframe was housed. 

Over time, IT installed some big systems that a few people in the company used, like finance and operations. Fast-forward to today and everyone is a consumer of IT. Employees are using all the tools all the time. It’s been such a rapid revolution in the adoption of technology that IT has never had the opportunity to evolve into a comfortable integration with the rest of the business. That has now led to shadow IT and all these weird notions. That’s not healthy, when people are going behind the CIO’s back. CIOs should be responsible for driving adoption of technology across the business. It’s interesting that finance has developed a good relationship with the business, but not IT. A related problem is that IT departments now have every skill set under the sun. When something becomes everything, is it anything? Companies are working hard to redefine IT and determine its operating model.

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EU-US Safe Harbor Ruling May Threaten Digital Business Strategies

Posted by Steve Shoaff on 10/7/15 10:20 AM

The EU-US Safe Harbor ruling significantly affects organizations that transfer and use European Union citizens' data. In this video blog, we talk about what this decision means for businesses worldwide.


Digital disruption isn't the only thing impacting business models. As we're seeing in the wake of the EU-US Safe Harbor ruling, legislation is another factor that can change the course of company strategy. In a court decision that can't be repealed, the European Court of Justice declared the EU-US Safe Harbor framework immediately invalid, placing restrictions on how companies can transfer and use EU citizen data. While we won't know the full implications of the ruling until it has had time to settle into the business environment, it's a step forward for consumers and their right to data privacy.

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Experian, T-Mobile Breach and Reducing Third-Party Data Sharing Risks

Posted by Ishan Kumar on 10/6/15 11:15 AM

The Experian data breach involving T-Mobile customer data caused damage beyond one brand. In this video blog, we discuss how today's business ecosystem frequently results in data sharing, meaning a single data breach could put multiple companies at risk.

When the information services group, Experian, was the victim of a data breach, it wasn't the only company affected. The data stolen involved approximately 15 million T-Mobile customers, spreading the negative impact of the single breach across two organizations.

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The CMO and CIO Partnership Is Crucial for Navigating Disruptions

Posted by Keri LeBlanc on 10/2/15 11:24 AM

Not too long ago, the role of IT was distinctly delineated from the roles of other departments within the organization, but today technology weaves through every job function and role. Business and marketing leaders, in particular, are relying on enterprise-wide technologies to help drive growth and improve customer experience.

Deploying a department-specific solution and integrating it with other systems may be tempting. However, this approach causes challenges such as data silos, costly maintenance and inefficiencies. More significantly for the CMO, it results in missed opportunities to leverage the full arsenal of company technology resources to accelerate growth and innovation.

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3 Tips in the Aftermath of Facebook's Outages and Data Access Limits

Posted by Derick Townsend on 10/1/15 9:21 AM

In this video blog, we discuss Facebook's decision to limit third-party access to their users' data. This event coupled with Facebook service outages shines a light on the downside of depending solely on data sourced from social media sites.

Recently, Facebook made headlines in ways that impact the businesses dependent upon its rich store of customer profile, preference and friends data. The social sharing company announced that it is limiting third party access to data in response to customer concerns over data privacy. It’s a move that disrupts many businesses’ ability to personalize offers or services resulting in lower revenue, and in some cases, obsolescence.

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Could the Apple iOS 9 Ad Blocking Feature Mean the End of the Free Web?

Posted by Steve Shoaff on 9/24/15 10:00 AM

In this video, UnboundID CEO Steve Shoaff and VP of Marketing Derick Townsend talk about the implications of ad blocking on businesses that depend on ads and analytics for revenue.

Apple’s newly released iOS 9 update includes a mobile website ad blocking feature that has many companies worrying about the impact it will have on their ad-based revenue models. Even after only a few days, these ad blocking apps are at the top of the “Most Downloaded” lists. It’s a phenomenon that indicates aggressive online and mobile advertising has resulted in pent up frustration among consumers.

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Map the Journey to Improve Customer Experience

Posted by Emeka Obianwu on 9/23/15 9:30 AM

Jill Hewitt is a Customer Experience Designer at Catalyst Inc., a marketing agency specializing in customer experience-driven CRM solutions. She designs, reviews and evaluates interfaces for the Web, touchscreen kiosks, mobile devices, software applications and hardware devices. She has improved customer experience for major Fortune 1000 brands, including Paychex, UPS, NCR, and taught at the Rochester Institute of Technology.

UnboundID: What is customer experience mapping and how can it help marketers?

Hewitt: This is a summary view of the customer journey. It shows how people interact with a product or service, and defines what people are thinking, feeling or doing as they interact with the brand. The first step is to identify the basic stages which the customer goes through. For a bank, that would include the process of selecting a new bank, opening an account and getting everything set up or adding different services, then the day-to-day relationship with the bank. You might expand the map to include how the relationship evolves over time, such as by adding new accounts or taking out a loan. Then, every relationship with the bank eventually ends. The goal is to try and understand what touch points exist and what people are thinking and feeling at each stage. These exercises help companies understand their customers and gain empathy.

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How to Capture Customer Data Without Losing Trust

Posted by Derick Townsend on 9/17/15 10:00 AM

Organizations such as Spotify and the City of New York's Transportation Department have recently found themselves defending their intentions behind collecting customer data. As firms seek to use customer insights to innovate their business models and deliver better customer experiences, how can they avoid losing customer trust? In this vlog, we talk about the importance of transparency and preference and privacy management technologies in keeping customer confidence high and using data in all the right ways.

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