SCIM Rising- New Capabilities and a Move to IETF


Posted by Neil Wilson on 3/21/12 3:55 AM

Here at UnboundID, we have just released SCIM 1.1. While a ‘.1’ release normally sounds minor, in this case there’s a hidden gem: native bi-directional synchronization support for SCIM in our Synchronization Server. To provide perspective, the primary driver for creating the SCIM standard is to enable organizations to universally provision on-premise user identity to SaaS providers.

The UnboundID Synchronization Server propels that promise forward with bi-directional SCIM synchronization. With this addition, it is now possible to push as well as pull SaaS identity data on premise. Crazy talk? I think not. As more business-critical applications move to the cloud, the cloud increasingly becomes more authoritative. Identity, as a core aspect of any application, will follow suit. I call this trend the “Rise of the Identity Provider” a la Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Much like future humans were surprised to see apes ruling the planet, I’m sure IT didn’t see the outsourcing of a few apps here and there turning their world upside down.

Speaking of the Planet of the Apes, in the original book, the protagonist escapes the ape-ruled planet landing just outside of Paris to start life anew (let’s skip over the part where he finds the apes rule Earth too…details, details). Similarly, those involved in developing the SCIM standard will land in Paris next week at IETF 83 where we’ll present SCIM to the IETF standards body. If all goes well, a SCIM working group will be formed and work will continue under the auspices of the IETF. You can track progress of the IETF work here. Better yet, if you have a vested interest in moving the initiative forward, volunteer and let your voice be heard.

If you can’t make Paris (or just can’t get enough SCIM) we’ll be on that side of the pond again in April for the European Identity Conference in Munich. Make sure to check out the SCIM panel where representatives from Ping Identity, Courion, SailPoint and UnboundID (yours truly) will banter about all things SCIM.

Topics: Legacy IAM Modernization , Cloud Computing