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Powering the Identity Economy – Now With Series B Funding

by Kami Haynes, Marketing Communications Back in February at the Mobile World Congress event, we rolled out our platform development and marketing strategy around the Identity Economy. This week, we’re putting our money where our mouth is, so to speak, … Continue reading

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SCIM Rising- New Capabilities and a Move to IETF

by Trey Drake, Architect Here at UnboundID, we have just released SCIM 1.1.  While a ‘.1’ release normally sounds minor, in this case there’s a hidden gem: native bi-directional synchronization support for SCIM in our Synchronization Server. To provide perspective, … Continue reading

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Personal Identity Data: Good Versus Evil

by Kami Haynes, Marketing Manager Lately the news is filled with horror stories about how companies are abusing personal data – this topic is the “zombie apocalypse” of the online world – it’s everywhere, and everyone’s alarmed and up in … Continue reading

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Cautious Optimism on The U.S. Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights

by Nick Crown, Director of Product Marketing On February 23rd, the Obama Administration released a report – “Consumer Data Privacy  in a Networked World” – that outlines a Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights, among other things.  Specifically, the blueprint for privacy … Continue reading

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