UnboundID Ships SCIM Enabled Products


Posted by Neil Wilson on 1/10/12 3:00 AM

A few weeks ago the Simple Cloud Identity Management (SCIM) working group approved the 1.0 specification suite. Today we at UnboundID announced the release of the first end-to-end product based on the standard. In addition to the product release, we’ve also contributed a comprehensive, open source, client SDK and server reference implementation that is available now.

SCIM product support comes in the form of the UnboundID SCIM Server Extension. Implemented natively within our directory and proxy servers, the extension enables UnboundID servers to speak the lingua franca, JSON/ReST, of the web at carrier-grade scale. Architected to enhance, not replace, existing deployments, UnboundID customers will be pleased to find that SCIM-enablement is little more than a simple exercise in data mapping. Simply speaking: it just works.

You don’t need to be a licensed UnboundID customer to take advantage of this release. In addition to product support, we’ve also released a 100% open source SCIM SDK which is fully compliant with all required features of the SCIM specification. As a matter of course, the SDK includes a feature rich, extensible client interoperable with any compliant service provider; e.g., SalesForce.com and Cisco. As an added bonus, the SDK also addresses a common concern of late – scarcity of SCIM compliant service providers (servers). The included reference server enables developers and implementers to independently test client/server interoperability without licensing UnboundID products.

What are you waiting for? Download the SDK now or learn more about UnboundID and SCIM at http://www.unboundid.com/scim.

Topics: Legacy IAM Modernization , Cloud Computing