UnboundID Labs: A changing perspective on what the infrastructure can do for your business, one extension at a time

by Arnaud Lacour, Technical Marketing Manager

Over the next few weeks the UnboundID team will be sharing some exciting new ways to think about the Identity stack. We know that successful companies are those that focus on their customers, and to do that, they need an agile platform. With the newest section of our website, the UnboundID Labs, we’re showcasing our commitment to customer focus and company nimbleness, with UnboundID platform extensions that are easy, flexible, unexpected and fun.

The extensions we will share on UnboundID Labs range a wide spectrum of purposes and applications. Some are very ambitious integration modules, opening new opportunities to better leverage existing assets and execute on business targets.  Others are convenience extensions to the existing UnboundID platform that can help reduce operating costs, save time, and add more capabilities. And some are just plain fun. All of them will widen your vision of what can be achieved with a customer-centric UnboundID platform, and they demonstrate how great projects can be delivered to market in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Here is a quick list of the kinds of things we are going to share through Labs:

  • Opening up to the world: extensions that augment the platform in unique ways to better integrate with other systems like SMS, voice, chat, SSH, Amazon EC2, and others
  • Authentication: this set of extensions shows how easy the path to stronger authentication can be
  • TCO: extensions to lower the costs of operations, such as automatically discovering peers, innovative ways to automate that take the tedium out of scheduling maintenance operations, and others
  • Mobile: extensions integrating the platform with the largest mobile app stores to allow your existing applications to easily go mobile
  • Fun: extensions created with a “Why not?” attitude that do a good job at showing how simply the platform can be extended to fill unexpected or unusual needs

We hope you’ll browse through the UnboundID Labs, try out the extensions, and give us your comments and feedback. Don’t forget to check back often – we’ll be rolling these extensions out over several weeks, and there’s always room for more!

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