It’s all identity. 

Everything you love most about technology is driven by identity. Your identity - who you are, your preferences, permissions, and behavior - defines your experience. It is the foundation of everything that’s cool about the digital world.

Without identity, it all falls apart.

The UnboundID OneIdentity™ Platform is the only consumer-grade identity access and management platform. We create brand experiences that live up to the promise of the Internet and make customers happy. Very happy.

A better reality—one identity at a time

Consumers expect more from you. They expect a consistent, personalized brand experience that follows them in real-time across channels and devices. They expect you to not only know who they are, but also what they want and how they want it.

This is the power of unified customer data.

The OneIdentity Platform centralizes all your customer data, giving you a secure, real-time, Internet-scale foundation that supports everything else you do. It is the technology that ensures your customer data is a critical, working asset instead of a liability.

Proudly built on discontent

While running the Deployment Engineering Teams at Sun Microsystems, future UnboundID founder Steve Shoaff endured his share of identity and login problems. Frustrated, he told the team at Sun HQ, exactly what he thought about the sub-par experience, figuring they’d fire him. Instead, they brought him to California and made him Chief of Staff for Identity Engineering.

Sometimes, the squeaky wheel has a point.

As the Internet expanded beyond the business world and into the consumer space, Shoaff and his future founding partners realized that traditional, enterprise identity management solutions weren’t equipped to handle the greater scale and immediacy required by the consumer side. He told Sun HQ they needed to start from scratch. They said no. He did it anyway, and UnboundID was born. 

A reputation for excellence (and slight insanity)

Our team has what some may consider an unhealthy fascination with really hard problems. Typical technology challenges just don’t interest us. With combined experience that spans almost every game-changing company in the industry, we thrive on the pressures of large-scale, mission-critical projects when failure is not an option.

We are here to get some serious work done.

We’re committed and focused because we know we’re changing the world for the better.  We have the vision and the technology. We have the expertise. And, most importantly, we have some of the smartest marketing and technology teams at some of the most influential brands using the OneIdentity Platform to make a real difference for their customers.